Contour Realty Home Selling Strategies

Navigating the Home Selling Process: Expert Advice from Contour Realty Professionals

The decision to sell raises a host of questions: Do I need to make home improvements and repairs before selling? What’s the right price? How will my home be marketed? What are the costs to sell? How much will I net? Which agent should I hire? The experienced professionals at Contour Realty are here to help you every step of the way.

Preparing for Inspections: Address Potential Issues Before Marketing Your Home

Buyers typically hire a professional home inspector at the beginning of the escrow period. Inspectors typically check all working systems in your home (heating, cooling, appliances, and alike), look for code violations and make note of possible challenges (for example: water stains on the ceiling may indicate a leaky roof). Your real estate consultant will help you spot potential issues before marketing your home. You may choose to hire your own inspector and make corrections before they become a concern of the potential buyer.

Maximizing Your Home’s Appeal: Understanding the Importance of Renovations and Updates

Today’s Buyer is looking for a fully renovated, turn-key home, not a project. The typical Buyer lacks the skills, time, and extra money to make even minor improvements. It’s important to note that these same Buyers are willing to pay more (in some cases a lot more) for a home that has been completely updated in a contemporary fashion due to their ability to finance the improvements.

If a Buyer pays $100,000 more for a renovated home and that cost is amortized over 30 years (at 5%), it only costs the Buyer an extra $537/month and they get the home they want. To be clear, replacing the kitchen faucet in a 1980’s kitchen is not going to get you top dollar. I imagine you’re asking yourself, how much is too much? Am I going to get my money back if I spend $35,000 on a new kitchen? Will my home sell without renovating the kitchen? These are great questions and our team of local professionals will help you answer them before you invest a dime.

Pricing Your Home for Success: Balancing Your Goals with Market Demands

The price you set for your home is often a reflection of your goals. If you need to sell quickly you should consider a listing price which will motivate Buyers to visit your home. The condition of your home is another important factor when considering price, your home should be priced to reflect deferred maintenance or renovations. If your home is beautifully updated and you’ve got time to wait you might consider a price at the top of the range.

One of our experienced team members will inspect your home and review the sales prices of recently sold homes in your neighborhood to help you select a price that meets your needs and the demands of the market.

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Marketing Your Home with Contour

Maximize your home’s selling potential with our expert guidance! We’ll help you prepare your home for the market, ensuring it’s picture-perfect for online listings and ready for showings. Our team understands the importance of decluttering, managing pets, and handling buyer inquiries professionally. Don’t miss out on attracting the right buyer – contact us today for a seamless home selling experience!