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Mortgage Pre-Approval: Determine Your Home Buying Budget and Find the Best Loan Program

For many of our clients the search for the right home typically begins with a discussion about financing. Falling in love with a home you cannot afford is no fun. If you’re asking yourself “How much can I afford? What do I need for a down payment? Which loan program is best for me?” we’re here to help. Getting Pre-Approved for a mortgage can help answer all of these questions and is a smart place to start. Click here to get to speak with a home loan expert.

Start Your Home Search: Discover Ideal Neighborhoods and Prioritize Your Needs

With the financing questions answered the search can begin. The internet is a good place to start but the process can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve heard the number one rule in real estate: Location, Location, Location… we agree. Identifying neighborhoods you like, or eliminating neighborhoods that won’t work should be first on your. Separating your “Must Haves” from your “Wish List” can help keep you on track, finding your dream home in the wrong school district is frustrating. The attached form will help one of our experienced real estate consultants find you the perfect home in the right neighborhood.

Make the Right Offer: Expert Guidance on Pricing and Negotiation

You found the perfect home, but is it priced right? How much do you offer? Our real estate consultants and realtors will research recent sales in the neighborhood and help you determine the best offer price, then negotiate the best terms. In many sales the terms are as important as the price: perhaps you need a rent-back to avoid having to move twice, perhaps you’d benefit from a credit from the Seller for closing costs, which fees are typically the sellers and which are the buyers?

Home Inspections: Ensure Your Dream Home’s Safety and Quality

Once the contract terms are set it’s time for inspections, but what should I inspect? Depending upon the age and condition of the home you may need the following inspections: home (general) inspection, roof, plumbing, electrical, sewer line, heating and air system. Should the home inspector or one of the other inspectors find a specific issue it might make sense to hire a specific trades person to inspect, such as a foundation expert.

Smooth Transaction Management: Let Us Handle the Paperwork and Details

You may have heard about all the forms, reports and disclosures. Don’t worry, we manage all the transactional details so that you can stay focused on your family and your career. We do all the worrying so you don’t have to.

Ready to Get Started? Begin Your Home Buying Journey Today

Embark on your home buying adventure with confidence, as our team of dedicated experts guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

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