Are you aware of how much your California home has appreciated?

From 2020 to 2022, home values surged 20% to 40%, with various factors influencing individual property worth:

1. Location

Undoubtedly the prime determinant of your home’s value. Coastal properties like Malibu command higher prices, and homes with stunning views generally outpace those without.

2. Supply & Demand

A close second to location. When demand outweighs supply, prices inevitably rise, with the law of scarcity further fueling price increases.

3. Economic Conditions & Interest Rates

Buyers’ financial comfort and prevailing interest rates significantly impact property values.

4. Property Features

Amenities, aesthetics, and improvements that enhance rental return or energy efficiency can boost your home’s value.

5. Local Demographics

A growing or shrinking local population can affect demand and property prices.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential

Although online tools provide a starting point, nothing replaces the insights of a local expert. At Contour Realty, we take into account all these factors to determine your home’s true market value.

Get in touch with us today for an accurate, personalized home value estimate and make the most of California’s booming real estate market. It’s time to uncover the hidden treasure in your property!”

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